CATS Testing Center

USAeroFlight’s  Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) testing center provides applicants a quiet, clutter-free, private, and comfortable environment in which to concentrate on taking an exam.

FAA Knowledge Exams (FAA written tests)

Your FAA test results are printed immediately after you complete the exam. Staff will certify your score sheet and present it to you before you leave the center.

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) Test
  • Aircraft Dispatcher
  • Aviation Maintenance Tech (A&P)
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight & Ground Instructor
  • Flight Engineer
  • Flight Navigator
  • Inspection Authorization
  • Instrument Rating
  • Military Competence
  • Parachute Rigger
  • Private Pilot
  • Recreational Pilot
  • Sport Pilot


USAeroFlight is located at 10 Opportunity Place, Greenville SC 29607 at the southeast ramp of the Greenville Downtown Airport (KGMU). See map below.


The entrance to USAeroFlight’s facility is located off of Airport Road near the intersection of Haywood Road and Airport Road. Once at the gate on Opportunity Place, press the call button on the kiosk to gain entrance.

Testing Appointments

Appointments for FAA knowledge testing at the USAeroFlight location may be scheduled by calling 1-800-947-4228 (CATS main office) or go to

Normal business hours for testing are Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM. Testing appointments must be scheduled so as to finish by 5 PM. Friday and Saturday appointments will be considered based upon proctor availability.


Test applicants must pay the CATS main office directly when scheduling an appointment. USAeroFlight does not accept payment at the testing site.

Testing Preparation

Allowable Aids and Materials

FAA Advisory Circular AC 60-11C describes the aids and materials an applicant is permitted to use during an FAA knowledge test. The AC also contains information on accommodations available for dyslexic applicants.

Personal belongings such as cell phones, purses, wallets, books, notes, mobile devices, backpacks, bags, etc., and any other unauthorized possessions, must be kept outside the testing room.

Please note: we supply an approved E6-B flight computer, plotter, basic calculator, scratch paper, and writing utensils for the FAA knowledge exams. We also supply the official printed test supplement(s) with figures, legends, etc. Figures will also be available on-screen.

Specific FAA Knowledge Test Information

For more information on FAA tests, including types of tests, time limits, number of questions, acceptable forms of authorization, and retesting policies, please see CATS’ web page on FAA Knowledge Exams. The FAA also maintains Airman Knowledge Test Guides.

Many, but not all, FAA knowledge tests require authorization in the form of an endorsement from a flight or ground instructor. In cases where endorsements are required, please be sure the endorsement is correctly worded for the appropriate test, cites the correct FAA regulation(s), and includes the applicant’s full name, the instructor’s signature, certificate number & expiration date, and the date of the endorsement. If the applicant does not have proper authorization, he/she will not be allowed to take the test. The endorsement must be copied and placed on file. Flight and ground instructors: please see the latest version of AC 61-65 for sample endorsements and guidance.


Our Location

We are located on the South East Ramp of the Greenville Downtown Airport (KGMU) at:

10 Opportunity Place, Greenville, SC 29607