Wade Reinthaler


Flight Instructor, Multiengine Specialist

From building desktop model airplanes as a kid to flying for the U.S. military and airlines, aviation has been central in my life. The aviation community, airport environs and airplanes themselves are wonderful, special, and important places and things. As I have become active in General Aviation again after a stint in business, logbook reviews have surfaced great flying memories and reminded me of all the people who have served as my instructors and role models. As a flight instructor, helping others to fly airplanes for their lifetime is a role I view as fundamental and important, especially when I know students will eventually teach and influence others too. My flying experience includes General Aviation, Naval Aviation as a crew member and Naval Aviator and regional and Part 121 airlines. My wife, daughter and I have made Greenville home since summer 2021, and I am happy they are learning to love aviation too.