Aircraft Maintenance

Keeping our planes -- and yours -- in top-flight condition.

Uncompromising Professionalism

At USAeroFlight, we take aircraft maintenance seriously and employ our own full-time staff to ensure that our fleet stays in the air and that our students stay safe. You can feel confident in the quality of your aircraft and can know that inspections, oil changes, and airworthiness directives have all been completed prior to federal deadlines.

Aircraft owners looking for leaseback opportunities and principle-based business practices can take advantage of the following affordably-priced services:

  • Annual and 100-hour inspections (owner-assisted options available)
  • General repairs, compliance procedures, and ADs
  • STCs and upgrades
  • Aircraft management

Body work and avionics servicing are available through recommended sub-contractors.

To find out more about our service offerings, including current shop labor rates, please contact our office at [email protected] or by giving us a call at (864) 987-9330. We looking forward to meeting your aviation maintenance needs!