Rotary-to-Fixed Wing Transition

Airline Career Opportunities for Rotary Pilots

Transitioning from Rotary to Fixed-Wing

As the demand for airline pilots accelerates, all levels of the aviation industry continue to feel the strain. So far, traditional training methods have not been able to meet industry needs. As a result, national and regional airlines are looking for more creative ways to fill empty cockpits.

Rotary pilots have recently become a popular resource for airline recruiters, with some airlines offering hefty sign-on bonuses or training-fee reimbursement to those who agree to a minimum term.

If you are a commercial helicopter pilot who wishes to fly for the airlines, you’ll need additional training to meet experience minimums and to master fixed-wing-specific maneuvers.

The “Transition Course” is actually composed of two FAA-approved Part 141 courses, the Commercial Additional Category and Class Course (55 dual hours) and the Instrument Additional Rating Course (15 dual hours). Together, the two courses consist of 30 lessons with an average lesson duration of 3.8 hours of flight and ground training combined. With good weather and sufficient planning, these courses can be completed in as little as 2 months on an accelerated training schedule.

GI Bill® Benefits

At an estimated cost of around $16,500 for both courses, veterans eligible for the Post 9/11 or Montgomery GI Bill® can be reimbursed for up to 84% of training expenses if they qualify for 100% eligibility and have sufficient months remaining if done under one cap period (August 1 to July 31). If you divide the two courses between two cap periods, then you will have approximately 95% of your training covered.

Why USAeroFlight for Fixed-Wing Transition

USAeroFlight offers a better alternative with the “Part 141 Transition Course” for rotary pilots. Consisting of 70 dual hours, commercial helicopter pilots who complete this course can save money and add quality in the following ways:

  • take advantage of our custom-designed curriculum
  • enjoy the low cost of living in the Greenville area
  • experience a family-oriented professional flight school that gives you a personal touch