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Quality Flight Training in Upstate South Carolina

Don’t just build flight time – learn to fly proficiently!

USAeroFlight offers professional pilot training for all levels of certification. Our program has been developed by pilot/educators over the last 40 years as part of a university flight program. Now USAeroFlight has made this program available to all those looking for a high quality, professional flight training experience. USAeroFlight offers training under FAA Part 141 which allows you to complete your Commercial Pilot Certificate in as little as 190 hours, saving you both time and money. Our Instructors have Military, Airline, Missionary, and Corporate flight experience along with University faculty teaching credentials. If you are looking for quality training at competitive prices then you have come to the right place.


 The Benefits Of Part 141 Flight Training

Part 141 Flight Training Program

What is a Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 141 Program?

In short, FAR 141 saves you money and improves the instructional quality!

FAR Part 141 is a program approval which allows USAeroFlight to offer Private, Instrument, and Commercial certificates and ratings in fewer hours of flight time than the typical FAR Part 61 school. In return, the FAA places the school under a more stringent educational criteria per FAR Part 141. Below is a matrix that compares the differences.

Estimated Flight Training Costs


Private Pilot CourseApproved 141 Course
Ground Training$1,752
Dual Time$1,925
Total Cost*$9,053
Instrument RatingApproved 141 Course
Ground Training Time$1,022
Dual Time$2,067
Total Cost*$7,713
Commercial Part IApproved 141 Course
Dual Time$1,757
Ground Training Time$682
Total Cost*$9,872
Commercial Part IIApproved 141 Course
Dual Time$1,853
Ground Training Time$947
Total Cost*$10,883

Multi-Engine Rating141 CoursePart 61 Course
Aircraft C-310Q$4,875$3250
Dual Time$907$660
Ground Training Time$907$550
Total Cost*$6,689$4,460

Certified Flight Instructor Rating

In addition to private and commercial licenses, USAeroFlight offers Certified Flight Instructor ratings for airplane, instrument, and multi-engine. This allow you to earn money, gain valuable experience, and build Pilot in Command Time. Job placement is available. Contact Us For Pricing

* Cost estimates are based on the USAeroFlight Part 141-approved syllabus and not on FAA minimum time requirements. The comprehensive cost of obtaining a pilot’s rating varies from student to student and is affected by students’ equipment choice, frequency of flight lessons, ability,  and previous experience, among other factors.

Flight Training Aircraft

We’ve hand-picked our aircraft because of their flexibility and fun. Moreover, they’re affordable to maintain, helping to reduce costs on the student.

Accelerated Flight Training Programs 

Accelerated Flight Training Programs have become a popular way to get you certificates while saving time and money. This is accomplished by taking advantage of high retention levels while at the same time reducing outside obligations during the training process. USAeroFlight can provide a schedule at each certificate level that can best fit your time and monetary needs. Please call for more information regarding an accelerated training program.

University Partnership Programs 

USAeroFlight is associated with several Universities in the area to provide you with an Aviation Academic program that best fits your future goals. Each School awards academic credit based on our FAA pilot Certificate and contractual arrangement. Below is a link to local schools that we are associated with. Click on the links to request more information on these fine Universities or contact us for more information.

USAeroFlight makes no claim or guarantee that credit earned will transfer to another institution.

The Skies Await…

The value of the expert instruction offered by USAeroFlight is unparalleled in the Upstate of South Carolina. If you’re looking for top-tier instruction on modern aircrafts, apply today or contact us  to learn more.