Ground School Courses

Everything you need to take an FAA Airman Knowledge Written Test

What is Ground School?

Taking a written exam is a great way to get the ball rolling on your pilot certificate or next airman rating. The best part is that the offered courses can be completed in six weeks or less.

In order to take an FAA Airman Knowledge Written Test, you'll need to obtain an endorsement from a certified instructor. Fortunately, we've got you covered:

In 2024, you can join us for Private, Instrument, and Commercial ground school courses. At the conclusion of each course, you'll be eligible to receive a written test endorsement.


Upcoming Ground School Courses

Private Pilot Ground School Courses

  • 2024 Winter Session | January 15 - February 29
  • 2024 Spring Session | April 15 - May 30
  • 2024 Summer Session | July 15 - August 29
  • 2024 Fall Session | October 28 - December 12

Instrument Rating & Commercial Pilot Ground School Courses - contact us for more details

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Interested in the Ground School Program? Complete the following form to provide us with your information, course choice, and payment. After completing this form and submitting your course fee, you will be added to the roster of your requested course. The course fees are as follows:

  • Private Pilot - $295
  • Instrument Rating & Commercial Pilot - contact us

Classes meet on Monday and Thursday nights from 7-9pm. See above for dates. For questions, please give us a call at (864) 987-9330.