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USAeroFlight, LLC
Professional Flight Training
Greenville Downtown Airport - KGMU
10 Opportunity Place
Greenville, SC 29607
+1 (864) 987-9330

Directions to USAeroFlight:


Please call prior to your visit to ensure a team member is available to greet you.
Southbound from I-385: Exit I-385 at Haywood Road and turn south, going about one mile. Follow Haywood Road until it intersects with Airport Road and Old Airport Road (Moe’s, Chili’s, Circle K and The Mattress Factory are at each corner of the intersection). Turn right onto Airport Road and, when the road take a sharp left, continue straight ahead to the gated, chain-linked fence. Pull aside to the keypad on your left and press the “Call” button, then wait for an associate to come on the line who can assist you with opening the gate. Follow the paved road until you reach the second hangar on your right.
Northbound from Laurens Road: Turn north on Haywood Road and continue to the Airport Road intersection (Moe’s, Chili’s, Circle K and The Mattress Factory are at each corner). Turn left onto Airport Road and continue straight ahead to the chain-linked fence. Press the “Call” button below the keypad to request assistance entering the gate. Once around the corner, come to the second building on your right.
Fly-in visitors: Upon landing, taxi your aircraft southeast to the “University Ramp,” where you will see two large hangars and a Boeing 727 with FedEx labeling. Please pull into an empty tie-down space on the east side of our hangars and walk around the hangar on your right, entering the canopy-covered double glass doors. One of our associates will assist you in the office lobby.