CFI Course

Become a Certified Flight Instructor with USAeroFlight

Customize Your Training Experience

Built on the ASA flight instructor syllabus, our Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) course includes 25 hours of flight time, 25 hours of ground instruction, and is designed to be completed in four weeks or less for proficient commercial pilots who are training full time. Lessons can be scheduled on a flexible basis, allowing for part-time students who also have family or work responsibilities.

USAeroFlight’s CFI course can be completed under Part 61 or Part 141 regulations. Since the FAA does not require a minimum number of hours to earn a flight instructor certificate, most students choose to complete training under Part 61 so that they can take their checkride as soon as they meet the proficiency requirements. For veterans who qualify for VA benefits, international students, and students who are enrolled in an airline cadet program, we provide a Part 141 option to help you meet any unique requirements for your particular program.

Gain Affordable Experience

Becoming a flight instructor is an important component of the vocational flight training career path. Upon earning your Commercial Pilot Airplane certificate, your total number of flight hours will be too low to qualify for most professional piloting positions:

  • Training Complete: 200-250 hrs.
  • Entry-level Copilot: 500-600 hrs.
  • Mid-range Outfit: 1000-1200 hrs.
  • Airlines: 1400-1500 hrs.

While an elite few can afford to build experience through pleasure flights or catching a right seat with a friend, most starting pilots will need work 1-2 years as a flight instructor to gain the experience they need without breaking the bank.

Flight instructors in the Greenville area are able to earn about $25,000 annually and accrue around 60 hours of flight experience per month while working full time as an independent contractor. Those who complete a CFI course with USAeroFlight are eligible to apply to become a full-time flight instructor at our school. Completing more than one certificate or rating course with us will greatly increase your chance of receiving an offer once your CFI certification is earned.

If USAeroFlight is unable to offer you an instructor position after earning your CFI, ample opportunities are available in the Upstate and across the nation. Our course graduates have received offers for flight instructor positions from Flight School of Greenville, Stratos Aviation, Greenville Aviation, and Liberty University, among others.

Cultivate a Passion

Behind every well-trained professional pilot is an experienced instructor. At USAeroFlight, you’ll work alongside one of our veteran instructors with a minimum 30 years’ experience in the industry to learn tried-and-true teaching methods that will have your future students passing their checkride exams with flying colors.

Cecil Tune

Cecil Tune


Flight Instructor, Chief Ground Instructor

Mike Gonzales

Mike Gonzales


Co-Owner, Flight School Manager

Brett Zukowski

Brett Zukowski


Co-Owner, Chief Flight Instructor