Army Credentialing Assistance

Getting and using Army CA funds for Flight Training

USAeroFlight is approved for Army Credentialing Assistance, allowing eligible soldiers to pursue voluntary credentials using Army CA funds. We have a long and proud history of training active duty and retired service members for a career in aviation. If you’re looking for a school with discipline, integrity, and top-notch instruction, consider us.

Army Credentialing Assistance for Flight School

What is the Army Credentialing Assistance Program?

In an effort to contribute to its Soldiers’ professional development, the Army offers up to $4,000 every fiscal year for off-duty, voluntary pursuit of credentials for Soldiers (Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve) of all ranks (Enlisted, Non-Commissioned Officer, Officer, Warrant Officer). To receive funds, Soldiers must pursue authorized credentials from an approved and vetted Vender.

Credentials Offered as Part of the CA Program

The following certificates and ratings have been approved through Army COOL as eligible for CA funding: Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Multiengine Rating, Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane (CFIA), Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII), and Certified Flight Instructor - Multiengine (MEI).

USAeroFlight is an approved Army CA Vender

USAeroFlight has been vetted and approved to train Soldiers and to receive payment on Soldiers' behalf for eligible credentials.

Get started right now

It really takes no time at all to get the ball rolling. Give us a call during business hours at (864) 987-9330 and we will get things moving so you can request CA. As an approved Vendor, we can walk you through the process and take out the guess work. Phones aren’t your thing? No worries. You can reach out to us with a message, and we’ll be happy to get back in touch with you.

Get a Pilot’s License with Army Credentialing Assistance

Ready to get started? It’s easier than you think.

Steps for Getting Approval for Army CA for training with USAeroFlight

  1. Reach out to USAeroFlight for a quote of all training costs for your selected certificate or rating (The Army will request that you submit this document during the CA application process).
  2. Create a student user account with ArmyIgnitED.com.
  3. From the Home Page, complete your Credential Path by following the steps provided.
  4. From the Profile Page, request Credentialing Assistance for your selected Credential Path.
  5. When you request CA, you are able to see approved, vetted Army CA vendors for flight training. Choose USAeroFlight.
  6. Select your intended started date and upload the quote from USAeroFlight.

Soldier Guide

Steps for Applying with USAeroFlight

Apply with USAeroFlight takes a couple of steps, but is easy. Call us and we’ll help you through each step. You can request CA funds prior to application by contacting us to receive a quote for the certificate you wish to choose. To fully apply for flight training, we’ll help you:

  1. Schedule an aviation medical exam
  2. Complete an interview
  3. Submit an online application
  4. Complete orientation onsite at the school