Mission & Values

Our purpose defines us. Our dedication is what sets us apart.

Our Mission

The quality of our graduates is paramount to us. Our mission is to produce highly proficient pilots in a cost effective manner. Many of these pilots will be highly sought after as professionals in airline, corporate, and missionary aviation career fields. Others will be highly competent private pilots. We provide a proven, structured educational curriculum which requires multiple skill evaluations at various points in training, given by experienced teachers, as a centerpiece of our pilot training process. We will not settle for hit or miss fact dissemination and mere accumulation of required flight hours. Pilot proficiency is our goal.

Our mission is driven by our values: professionalism, responsibility, integrity, quality, safety and courtesy. We believe these core values are key to strengthening the personal character of our students as they prepare for an occupation in aviation. Our vision is clear. We will produce highly sought after career pilots and greatly esteemed private pilots.

USAeroFlight's Values

We value personal character. We strive to be the kind of educators and pilots we want our students to be.


In today’s business world, professionalism is often diminished by over emphasis on profit. However, we at USAeroFlight are committed to heartily pursuing professionalism. Value driven professionalism can be defined as an attitude of responsibility, integrity, quality, safety and courtesy when dealing with people – people like you! – our customers, business partners, and regulators. At USAeroFlight, we believe that it is our responsibility to treat folks the way we would want to be treated. That is the golden rule of professionalism.


This means we own the training process. We work at it until the training is complete. We don’t dismiss problems with excuses. We fix problems rather than sweeping them under the rug. We teach until you get it. We will continually improve and deliver on our educational mission. We own it.


This means we deal honestly and transparently with others. We seek the truth of a matter without embellishment or manipulative omissions. We answer your questions without evasion. We tell the truth.


We don’t cut corners. Your education will be complete. In aviation if the airplane is not quite right it doesn’t fly. If you are not quite ready for flight, you don’t fly either. When you do fly you will know what you are doing. We educate thoroughly.


We don’t gamble in flight training. We identify and mitigate risk and teach you to do the same. We operate with measurable margins of safety. If the weather is not right we don’t fly. We promote a culture of safety.


We teach by telling, not yelling. We deliver facts not fiction. We provide positive and constructive feedback. We listen to your concerns. We don’t manipulate or overreact. We direct your flight politely. We work it out. We respect you.