Why USAeroFlight is the Best Flight School for International Students

Are you an International Student looking to train in the United States and receive your Commercial Pilot’s Certificate? USAeroFlight is the perfect fit for you — for a variety of reasons.

All Experience Levels Welcome

USAeroFlight works with students with a broad range of experience. From those with a simple Private Pilot’s license to Commercial Flight Instructors, our team of instructors work with you to get hands-on training in whatever certificate or endorsement(s) you’re seeking.

Greenville, SC is a Great Place for Pilot Training

When it comes to the question, “In what part of the United States should I learn to fly?,” it’s tough to beat Greenville. For starters, Greenville has some of the lowest cost of living in the United States, reducing your living expenses while here in the US.

It’s also next to the Blue Ridge mountains, providing you with training over various types of terrain.

Being in the western part of South Carolina also gives you the best weather for training year-round. While seasonal — offering you new challenges through the calendar year — the elements are never extreme, making it ideal for gaining flight time experience.

Lastly, Greenville, SC is near Atlanta, GA — home to one of the busiest airports in all the world.

FAA-Approved Flight Program

USAeroFlight meets and exceeds the educational criteria required by the FAA for Commercial certifications. This allows USAeroFlight to train students in the FAR Part 141 Program, reducing the necessary flight time by nearly 25%, saving you time and money. Learn more about our program.

Unmatched Flight Instructor Experience


Since the early 1970’s USAeroFlight has existed to train men and women to excel in their aviation careers. With more than 300 years of combined experience, our flight instructors provide each student with the knowledge and mentorship to develop the skills needed to be an excellent pilot.

USAeroFlight is also one of the few facilities in the area that offer on-sight FAA exams with our own FAA Designated Pilot Instructor, so you can have confidence that you’ll get the training needed to be successfully certified as a Commercial Pilot.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to find out how to apply to USAeroFlight as an International Student, you can begin the process by contacting us and applying for Flight School.

Have Questions? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. You can call us at 1.864.987.9330 (ask for Mike Gonzales), reach out to us on Facebook.

We’re looking forward to flying with you.