Multiengine Rating

Advanced Add-on Training for Commercial Pilots

Why Multi-Engine Ratings are a MUST for Aspiring Commercial Pilots

Every pilot knows just how valuable the TT (total time) column can be when applying for a position with the regional airlines. No level of experience can land you an airline job, however, if it isn’t supplemented with multi-engine experience; pilot reports currently estimate that a minimum of 25 MEL hours must be logged for most regional positions.

USAeroFlight is the right place for Multi-Engine training

As a comprehensive provider of airplane training services, USAeroFlight is equipped to help you add multi-engine privileges to your Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot airplane certificate with a fast-paced and effective training system:

  • In-house curriculum and checklists authored by our Chief Instructor
  • Part 141 seal of quality in both 61 and 141 training options
  • DPE on staff for easy-to-schedule checkrides
  • Rigorous training approach and challenging choice of aircraft
  • Well-maintained aircraft with full-time mechanic on staff
  • Competitive pricing on multi rental and instruction

Born out of a university-developed training program developed in the ‘70’s, USAeroFlight applies time-tested flight education at an affordable rate through both Part 61 and Part 141-approved courses. Experienced pilots with strong instrument proficiency are encouraged to enroll in our Part 61 course, where total training costs can be less than $5000 for highly-skilled pilots.

Meet the Piper Twin Comanche PA-39

Aircraft selection is important when earning your Multiengine Rating. As operating costs rapidly rise, the 1970 Piper Twin Comanche PA-39 offers an affordable and economical training option. With counter-rotating propellers and industry-proven Lycoming engines, the sleek Twin Comanche provides an ideal environment for multiengine training. Once you've mastered this twin, you'll be prepared to transfer your experience to a wide range of multiengine aircraft.


Hours Requirements

For those looking for a more structured course, to qualify for a cadet program, or to pay for training using Post 9/11 or Montgomery GI Bill® benefits, we recommend the fixed 15-hour Part 141 Add-on course*. For those using VA benefits, up to 100% of the course cost (minus the cost of the checkride) can be covered for veterans with sufficient eligibility percentage and months of benefit remaining. To enroll in the Part 141 course, you must hold a valid Commercial Airplane SEL certification.

The Commercial Multi-Engine Additional Rating Course consists of eight unique lessons with an average duration of 3.75 hours each of combined dual and ground instruction. With good weather and advanced planning, the course can be completed in as little as 1-2 weeks.

*All flight time earned in the Multi-Engine Add-on Course includes dual instruction.