Experienced Flight Instruction

Nobody invests more personally and professionally into their students than our team

Simply being in the air and building flight time isn't good enough. A student needs a teacher. That's why USAeroFlight is guided by veteran teachers Mike Gonzales, Brett Zukowski, Cecil Tune and Tom Burke. These men bring a passion for both guiding the next generation of flight instructors as well as training the next generation of commercial pilots, private pilots, and missionary aviators. Years of teaching experience coupled with thousands of hours of flight time in commercial, corporate, and missionary aviation enable them to bring you to a high level of proficiency and a thorough understanding of flight. With that you can achieve your aviation goals!

Flight instructor Brett Zukowski is certified in DPE, ATP, CFI-AIM, A&P/IA, 2021 NAFI Master CFI

Brett Zukowski, DPE, ATP, CFII, MEI, A&P, IA, 2021 NAFI Master CFI

Co-Owner, Chief Flight Instructor

I have been fascinated with aviation since childhood. Over the last 30 years, I’ve been privileged to work as pilot, mechanic, flight instructor and mechanic instructor in general aviation, Alaskan missionary aviation, and the regional airlines. I consider teaching aviation my greatest privilege because teaching allows me to have a positive influence in the lives and careers of others.

Mike Gonzales, CFII, MEI, A&P

Co-Owner, Flight School Manager

My flying career began in the baggage compartment of my grandfather’s Cessna 150 as soon as I was old enough to remember. Since then, I’ve had a passion to fly that has never ceased. My degree is in Business & Commercial Aviation and I have been teaching since 2002. I have the most exciting job in that I get to see others realize their dreams by becoming professional pilots.

Flight instructor Cecil Tune is certified in ATP, CFII, MEI

Cecil Tune, ATP, Gold Seal CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI

Chief Ground Instructor, Flight Instructor

My background includes naval aviation, the assistant pastorate, and many years as a faculty member at Bob Jones University. The Naval Academy provided excellent flight training, and taking off from aircraft carriers in the F-8 Crusader was a special challenge. After the Navy and then the pastorate, I began one of my chief joys—helping others succeed in their aviation careers.

Thomas Burke is a designated pilot instructor

Thomas Burke, DPE, ATP, CFII, MEI, AGI, A&P

Designated Pilot Examiner

I am thankful for a rewarding career in aviation which has spanned 50 years and included more than 20,000 hours in the air. My earlier years in aviation included charter, corporate, and flight instruction.

Over the last 25 years, in addition to flight instructing and missionary pilot evaluations, I have served as a Designated Pilot Examiner for the FAA.

It is a privilege to work alongside the USAeroFlight team as they work to continue and maintain the vision that was Bob Jones University’s for so many years through quality flight.

Seth Severson is a flight instructor certified in CFII

Seth Severson, Gold Seal CFII, AGI, IGI

Flight Instructor, Primary

Growing up on a small farm in the middle of Illinois, one of my favorite things to do was to watch the crop dusters zipping in and out of the little country airport just down the road. As I grew older, that love of watching planes blossomed into a love of flying planes and an enthusiasm for all things related to aviation. I am excited to continue learning more about flying as I get to share my passion with others as a teacher.

Andrew Godfrey is a flight instructor certified by CFII and AGI

Andrew Godfrey, CFII, AGI, IGI

Flight Instructor, Primary

When I was in High School, a retired Air Force veteran and a neighbor friend flew the Cessna 340 for his son’s construction company. One 5:00 AM morning after his enthusiastic invitation, I found myself sitting in the right seat accelerating into the darkness toward the end of a Chattanooga runway … I’ve loved aviation ever since! While attending Virginia Tech, I learned to pilot the single-engine variety flying over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Family took priority for a 20-year hiatus until the friendly staff at USAF welcomed me back into the sky in 2017. Now, as a CFI, I’m allowed to pass along the thrill of that first flight to others and help them achieve their aviation goals.

Samay Patel is a flight instructor certified by CFII

Samay Patel, CFII, MEI

Flight Instructor, Primary

I found my passion for aviation in college during my sophomore year. I don’t have family in aviation so it was a completely different industry and lifestyle for me. But after some hard work and time, I’m living the pilot life as a flight instructor. Now all I want to do is help others achieve their dream of becoming a pilot.

Sam Gardner is a flight instructor certified by CFII, AGI and IGI

Sam Gardner, CFII, AGI, IGI

Flight Instructor, Primary

I got my first taste of aviation in the Civil Air Patrol. I was able to have orientation flights as well as complete my first solo flight as a cadet with the organization. After I enlisted in the South Carolina Air National Guard, I was able to complete my private pilot certificate. I started training with USAeroFlight in 2019 and completed my instrument rating, commercial pilot, and flight instructor certificates with them. I’m excited to be working here and advancing my experience in aviation!

Sam Chase is a flight instructor certified by CFI

Sam Chase, CFI

Flight Instructor, Primary

From the time I was a child, largely influenced by my father’s career, my life has revolved around aviation. As a kid, I loved reading aircraft encyclopedias, and upon graduating from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s in Aviation Logistics, I began my flight training. I completed my private certificate at an airport near my university, but it wasn’t until I moved to South Carolina and met those here at USAeroFlight that I realized what flight training could be. I’ve gotten all of my subsequent ratings with USAF and am honored to join their ranks as a CFI. I’m excited to share the joys of flying with others as I help them achieve their aspirations.

Henry Broome is a flight instructor certified by CFI

Henry Broome, CFII

Flight Instructor, Primary

As a child I spent weekends with my grandfather, a retired USAF crew chief. He was a man of exceptional curiosity, who loved to learn and talk about aviation, engineering, and science. He would drive me around to airports, museums, and even construction sites, teaching me about how various machines worked. I never considered aviation as a career option until after college, but after my first discovery flight I was hooked. Thanks to the professional mentoring of the staff here at USAeroFlight I was able to get my CFI, and now I’m excited to start helping the next generation achieve their aviation goals.

Nick Romanick, CFII

Flight Instructor, Primary

I’ve wanted to become a pilot from a very early age. Airshows have always fascinated me and fueled my excitement to become a pilot. At a young age, my cousin took me flying in a Cessna 172 which started me on my path. I’ve earned two associate degrees, one in science, one in aeronautics, and am working towards a Bachelors in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I have received my private pilot and commercial pilot certifications from USAeroFlight as well as my instrument rating. As a certified flight instructor, I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for flying with others.

Riley Jacobson, CFII

Flight Instructor, Primary

My aviation career began in college after I took an introduction to aviation course followed by a discovery flight. From the moment the engine started to touchdown, I was hooked. Following this experience, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics and Aviation, where I obtained my pilot’s license(s). I thoroughly enjoy teaching others and helping students reach their aviation goals. I am very passionate about aviation and plan to make a career as a professional pilot. I look forward to training and supporting all those looking to pursue a pilot’s license!

Wade Reinthaler, ATP, CFII, MEI

Flight Instructor, Multi-engine Specialist

From building desktop model airplanes as a kid to flying for the U.S. military and airlines, aviation has been central in my life. The aviation community, airport environs and airplanes themselves are wonderful, special, and important places and things. As I have become active in General Aviation again after a stint in business, logbook reviews have surfaced great flying memories and reminded me of all the people who have served as my instructors and role models. As a flight instructor, helping others to fly airplanes for their lifetime is a role I view as fundamental and important, especially when I know students will eventually teach and influence others too. My flying experience includes General Aviation, Naval Aviation as a crewmember and Naval Aviator and regional and Part 121 airlines. My wife, daughter and I have made Greenville home since summer 2021, and I am happy they are learning to love aviation too.

Randy Kimlin is a flight instructor certified by CFII, MEI and AGI

Randy Kimlin, CFII, MEI, AGI

Flight Instructor, Multi-engine Specialist

I still remember the day when, at Toronto Airways in Buttonville, Ontario, I soloed a Cessna 172! The thrill and passion of aviation, of flying and of teaching, seems just as strong now as it did back then. Even better is the excitement of helping others pursue their dream for flying, no matter how young or how old they may be. USAeroFlight is an excellent teaching facility because it brings the highest levels of technical skills along with a thorough sense of why it matters. That is an important ingredient in making it fun! I do need to warn you, flying can be addictive!

John Leupp is a flight instructor certified by CFI

John Leupp, CFI

Flight Instructor, Tailwheel Specialist

I am blessed to be a third-generation pilot whose grandfather was involved in Marine Aviation in WW I and whose father flew fighters with the Royal Air Force in WW II. I have been flying for 47 years and have been a flight instructor since 1972. While I spent some time as a corporate pilot and have multiengine and instrument ratings, I specialize in instructing in tailwheel aircraft. I own a Cessna 140 that I rebuilt in a corner of the church bus barn and have been flying it for over 40 years. It is this experience with tailwheels and grass runways that I bring to USAeroFlight.