Things to Do In Greenville – Part 141 Flight Schools

Alright flight friends, today we are going to skip the multiple posts you’ve probably read about flying planes or plane upkeep or whatever else you guys enjoy reading about. If you’re on this website, you’re probably considering taking lessons from USAeroFlight. Besides the fact that it’s a great flight school and offers multi engine flight training, why bother coming to Greenville, SC for flight lessons? What are things to do in Greenville SC?
Well for starters, this city is one of the best cities in the country, in my very unbiased opinion!
But why?

Greenville is gorgeous. With places like the Reedy River flowing through the clean and lively city, you’re really missing out if you’re not just looking around in Greenville. Just for your information, you can Uber everywhere because Uber is pretty robust in Greenville, so you wouldn’t even have to rent a car.
Let’s talk restaurants. Greenville hosts a multitude of great eats ranging from good ole’ southern cooking to Italian to shwarma.

In my opinion, some of the best restaurants in Greenville include:
Rick Erwin’s – All of them. This isn’t just some chain of restaurants named by someone that never appears. Rick is actually there. And he’s super nice! There is RE’s West End Grille, RE’s Deli and Market (my personal favorite), and RE’s Nantucket Seafood. Really, you can’t go wrong at any of these stops and they are all downtown.
The Cazbah – Seriously, eat everything on the menu. This restaurant specializes in tapas and they are all insanely delicious. I mean, come on, they have FRIED SUSHI.
Tupelo Honey – Pretty good prices and good food. I suggest their grilled cheese with their tomato soup. It’s to die for. They also have bottomless Mac & Cheese on Wednesdays.
TakoSushi – Sushi and tacos. A meal fit for kings. Not really, but it is delicious. I suggest their Green Dragon roll.

Now let’s talk cool places to hang out and relax. Besides the great food, downtown Greenville has a lot of cool places to sit down and socialize. I enjoy places such as:
Local Cue – It’s not exactly downtown but it’s pretty close and it is AWESOME. They have great prices for beverages, the best wings around (in my humble opinion), and they are known for having lots of games to play. They have board games all around the place and they also have darts and giant Jenga.
• Coffee Underground – Really relaxed place. They have great coffee and desserts and have improv shows throughout the week. It’s pretty hipster, but very good.
Spill the Beans – Coffee and ice cream. You pick your ice cream flavor (vanilla or chocolate ice cream or yogurt), your toppings, and then they put it in a machine that blends it all up into basically one texture and it is delicious.

For sports enthusiasts and people not interested in lounging:
• The Greenville Drive has a cool stadium if you love baseball.
• The Furman University Paladins have all sports and free food at basketball games in Timmons Arena. The campus is also beautiful just to walk around. The Swamp Rabbit Trail goes right to it.
• The Swamp Rabbit Trail- a 17ish mile trail from Downtown Greenville to Downtown Travelers Rest. You can rent a bike or run it. It’s safe and a really cool way to enjoy the outdoors.
The Greenville Zoo – small, but very well done. It takes about an hour and a half to go through the entire zoo and it is mapped really efficiently, so you don’t miss any animals.
The Bon Secours Wellness Arena – huge place for cool concerts and events. Bon Jovi just came through as well as Monster Jam. It seriously has an event for people of all shapes and sizes. There is even a professional hockey team.
This is just a little snippet of the cool places in Greenville SC. You could literally walk into any establishment on Main St. and enjoy yourself. The atmosphere is amazing, it’s clean, and really beautiful. For a romantic walk, try walking across the Liberty Bridge and walk around Falls Park. For all you ladies and gents who were in the military, use your GI Bill® and receive Part 141 training from Part 141 Flight Schools! Enjoy!

Casey Fowler – Furman ’17 – Private Pilot